Blindfold Driving

Land rover driving over a small hill

While off road driving is a test of your individual driving skill, blindfold driving is a test of communication and co-operation within a group as they assist the blindfolded driver to complete the task of avoiding obstacles over a short course.

As with the off road driving task, the instructor is on board at all times while the other team members attempt to verbally instruct the blindfolded driver through the course. Each member of the group gets to experience this activity both as the driver and as one of the ‘route guides’.

WHOA …. LEFT, LEFT….NO….. RIGHT, RIGHT…………….sigh ! …..

As simple as this activity sounds, it is surprisingly challenging and tends to bring out the competitiveness in everyone involved. As well as being great fun, it is also an excellent activity for revealing aspects of trust, co-operation and team building.

If you think your communication skills are good why not put them to the ultimate test?