Outdoor Activities in Northern Ireland

Land Rover driving through river

Off Road Driving

Driving on adverse off-road Conditions Safari action offers you off-road driving activities to suit all ages and abilities. Whether you are male or female, young or old, novice or experienced, we can provide the thrill of an exciting and unique driving experience within a safe yet challenging environment. Our senior instructor, Ron, has many years…

Girl shooting a shotgun clay pigeon

Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting involves using live ammunition to shoot clay discs. For this reason safety is paramount. At Safari Action we provide all safety gear plus shotguns and ammunition. The firearms instructor is in attendance at all times to advise on technique and to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. We provide a range of…

Land rover driving over a small hill

Blindfold Driving

While off road driving is a test of your individual driving skill, blindfold driving is a test of communication and co-operation within a group as they assist the blindfolded driver to complete the task of avoiding obstacles over a short course. As with the off road driving task, the instructor is on board at all…

Girl shooting an arrow at a target, archery


Instructors are in attendance at all times and all competitors are given a comprehensive safety brief. We provide all necessary safety equipment such as armbands, finger guards etc. We have a range of bows to suit clients of all ages and physique. The instruction period will last until each client feels competent enough to participate…

Team Building spelt out on dice

Team Building

Team building for practical tests against the clock. The four main types of team building activities which includes communication activities, problem solving and or decision making activities, adaptability and or planning activities and activities that focus on building trust.

4x4 driving over wooden beams

Camel Trophy Days

Ron, as one of our Safari Action’s instructors, has had wide experience in the field of off-road driving. He has been involved in the staging and setting up of special tasks on Camel Trophy for five years. This was in such geographically diverse areas as Siberia, East and Central Africa, South America and Asia. The…